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 PACCOA Statement for National Corrections Day 

17 January 2020

The national professional association for civilian staff working in offender management has endorsed National Corrections Day as an opportunity to thank members around Australia for the important work they do in contributing to keeping Australia safe.


The Probation and Community Corrections Officers’ Association (PACCOA) has been representing members working in the community and prisons for more than 21 years.


PACCOA praised its members for their commitment to this challenging frontline and behind-the-scenes work in a field that is complex, unglamorous and often unacknowledged.


The reality is that community-based sentences offer important alternatives to imprisonment that can be provided at a fraction of the cost.  


Goals of rehabilitation and reintegration contribute to justice and make a difference to families and communities by managing risk, reducing crime and encouraging law-abiding behaviour.  


PACCOA promotes continuous improvement, professional development, practice wisdom and understanding of issues surrounding offender management, particularly community-based interventions to reduce offending.  


The work of PACCOA members furthers the interests of justice, social justice, crime reduction and community safety.  This work is a human service rather than an exact science, and our members find it rewarding to help people solve problems and turn their lives around.  

The core business that our members undertake and manage across Australia includes the following:

  • Providing assessment reports to Courts and Parole Boards to inform the sentencing process and make recommendations about community-based sentencing options;
  • Supervising offenders subject to community-based orders (including Probation and Community Correction Orders, Parole, Community Service, Drug Treatment Orders, Youth Justice Orders, Home Detention and Electronic Monitoring);
  • Case managing offenders in prison and in the community with the aim of addressing offending behaviours and the reasons underlying it;
  • Running intervention programs in prisons and in the community to challenge and address offending behaviour;
  • Contributing to teams working to reduce the impact of family violence; and
  • Prosecuting non-compliance with orders.  


PACCOA members contribute to community safety by engaging with offenders to address the underlying causes of crime and to encourage cognitive and behavioural change from criminal to law-abiding and constructive behaviour.  
Effective case management addresses problems that contribute to crime, reduces risk, encourages reparation and reintegration and enforces compliance with community-based court orders.  
National Corrections Day provides an opportunity for the community to acknowledge the important contribution of PACCOA members to a just and safe society.

Adelaide Face to Face Meeting

In February 2019 Department for Correctional Services (DCS), South Australia were the hosts of the PACCOA (Probation and Community Corrections Officers Association) delegate face to face meeting. Delegates from all states and territories (except ACT) were represented. This provided opportunity for the delegates of PACCOA to meet in person and undertake the Business Planning for 2019-2020. This involved two days of focussed discussion and planning on PACCOA initiatives and key business areas. Delegates also had opportunity to discuss and commence planning for upcoming events including the World Congress on Probation being held in Sydney in September 2019 along with the next PACCOA Conference in 2020.


The meeting also provided a great opportunity for networking and collaboration.


The South Australian hosts, Tony Shillabeer and Alicia Murphy took the opportunity to share some of their key business areas including a tour of 2 community correctional sites, an overview of their REPAY SA (Community Service) and Special Needs Programs, a tour of the Adelaide Women’s Prison and the Intensive Compliance Unit (Home Detention) which is the largest home detention program in Australia. In all it was a valuable trip for delegates to come together and plan for the busy and eventful years ahead. South Australia is very much looking forward to hosting the 2020 PACCOA Conference.

National Corrections Day