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Life Members

Life Membership is awarded to those members who have demonstarted a long term committment in driving our work. Upholding the highest standards, life members exemplify the qualities of persistance and passion, without whom PACCOA as an organisation would be a very different place.


Our Current life members are:


Brian Norman

Kevin Broomhall

Marion Lofthouse

Graeme Pearce

Jeff Andrews

Helen Gooley

Ron Nowicki

Paul Marshall

The Tony Hill Award

Tony Hill was a Queensland Probation and Parole Officer who was one of the founding members of PACCOA. His inspiration and determination led to a pathway for practitioners to build upon their capabilities and enhance their professional development opportunities and deliver cutting edge initiatives to the field.


A Tony Hill Award (for individuals) is presented at each PACCOA Conference.

The John Augustus Award

John Augustus was a boot maker in Boston, USA, who is called the "Father of Probation" because of his pioneering efforts in advocating for convicted criminals based on their backgrounds. Augustus' efforts are creditied with the establishment of the Pre-Sentence investigation.


A John Augustus Award (for organisations) is presented at each annual PACCOA Conference.

For further information and to nominate an award recepient, download the awards flyer here and the nomination form here

Outstanding Achievements: Liz Moore

One of Tasmania's Community Corrections staff members has been presented with a National award by the Probation and Community Corrections Officers'€™ Association (PACCOA).  The 2014 PACCOA Conference was held in Launceston in November 2014 with Deputy Secretary and Director of Corrective Services (Tasmania), Robert Williams, officially opening the conference which attracts delegates from across Australia.


Court Diversion Officer, Liz Moore, was awarded the Tony Hill Award which recognises individual excellence in the field of community-based offender management. It is presented in memory of Tony Hill who was a Queensland Probation and Parole Officer and whose vision and determination brought about the foundation of PACCOA.


Liz was nominated for her outstanding contribution to working with offenders and her outstanding long term commitment and dedication.


Liz has case managed offenders within various areas of Corrective Services for 24 years and holds a number of qualifications in Political Science, Public Administration, Law and Criminology and

Corrections. Her Master's thesis focussed on the impact of drug courts around the world and demonstrated their long-term effectiveness in terms of reducing drug use and offending behaviour and achieving cost savings across a range of public budgets. Liz's research and passionate interest in this field has seen her visit drug courts and associated services in 19 jurisdictions across Australia and around the world including Chile, the USA, England, Wales, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Austria.


Liz has presented her findings to professional colleagues, students, community groups and conferences locally, nationally and internationally. Her research and most of these presentations have been conducted in her own time and at her own expense, demonstrating her commitment to sharing information about problem-solving courts with colleagues and interest groups.


Liz has had a number of articles published relating to the work done by drug courts and in assessing the effectiveness of these programs. In June 2014, the Alcohol, Tobacco and other Drugs Council of Tasmania held an awards ceremony at Parliament House where Liz was presented with the 'Excellence in Alcohol, Tobacco and other Drugs Work'  award.


On top of all this, Liz was elected as the PACCOA delegate for Tasmania and made a presentation to the conference titled 'Working Together: Insights from International Observations'. From all reports, not only was the presentation quite fascinating in what was included and the practical insights Liz took from her study, but the way in which the presentation was delivered was both a credit to Liz herself and reflected very positively on what is happening in Tasmania.

Honouring Our Members

Vale Ron Nowicki, Life Member PACCOA, Founding Member and past president. May you rest in peace.